Welcome to RNW Moonshine Stlls

We at RNW Distilling utilize the old world material with the new world design giving our customers a great product at a reasonable cost. Why has RNW Moonshine Stills decided to use copper to fabricate their moonshine stills instead of stainless?
its simple, History,

Copper has been used for distilling moonshine for as far back as the 17th century and we are using those same materials today. As we have progressed over the years in distilling methods, moonshine still design has also developed.

We know that copper is a great conductor of heat, but did you know that copper also catalyzes the breakdown of esters and sulfuric compounds in the vapor column. These compounds are produced in the fermentation process and are very undesirable in the final distilled product. We also made our body section in a way that allows you to completely break down your stills tower giving the user the ability to properly clean their still in between each run. Keeping your still clean between distillations will also keep any transfer from your past run from leaching into you new product. Our perforated plates also allow great separation of ethanol from the heavier compounds that ultimately end up back in the boiler.

Give our product a try, you wont be sorry.

Why Choose us

  • 95% of the surface area in our stills is copper
  • We use top quality copper DWV in our body sections from a leading producer in the USA
  • We spend excessive time ensuring the brass to copper solder connections are crisp and clean. Watch Video
  • We give the option to you fabricators out there to buy everything you need to fabricate your own
  • We add videos too, that actually show you step by step the procedure to fabricate each component
  • Our customer service, if you're having a problem with one of our parts, just call and we'll help
  • And lastly, every still is made with care in the USA